Welcome to Hanna Electric

We are a qualified contractor to install Energy Efficiency Measures for the  Eversource Small Business Energy Advantage Program to offer cost-effective, turnkey energy saving services for residential, small commercial, and industrial electric customers who do not have the time, or in-house expertise necessary to analyze and reduce their energy usage.

Going Green

Going green has benefits beyond reducing your facility's environmental impact. It can help you lower operating costs, comply with government mandates, and gain a competitive advantage. Hanna Electric’s green resources can help.

National Statistics

According to national statistics, the combined annual energy cost for commercial and industrial facilities in the US is $202.3 billion. With growing concerns regarding rising energy costs and reliable power supply sources, let Hanna Electric help your facility improve your bottom line through energy conservation.

It's Easy to Go Green With Us

Hanna Electric, Inc. is an Energy Savings Contractor with over ten years of experience in Electrical Contracting.

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